What do you want?

Because we had to go through the same trials and pull-backs ourselves, we've redefined building standards and we can now offer you everything you need to be worry-free from the second you put in the order to ....happily ever after.

Impeccable finishes

With the help of quality construction materials and our avid attention to detail, we deliver in record time premium buildings, regardless of size.

And our partners (with internationally high-regarded services and products) ensure you get the best of what the market has to offer at all times.

The latest technology

Due to the fact that everything we build is put together in a controlled environment where temperature and conditions are always ideal, there is no risk of external factors degrading in any way the building materials. Hence, the undisputed benefits we bring you.


No matter what surprises life brings your way, your home will always be a safe place that adapts to your new needs. You don't have to worry about space anymore. If you need another room, or two rooms... or five, moving is no longer necessary. You can easily order another module with the desired specifications, and we will bring at your door step in a few days.


When you move into a Vivid House, you will want your friends to come visit... what's more is that they will want to come over again and again... because yours is the kind of house you see in pics on the web or in architecture magazines, but the impact it has when you step through its door in reality, is incomparable.

Extraordinary design

Vivid Homes brings art and design together. Both inside and out, a Vivid house is a monument of elegance and glamor. As a result, your vision of having a house that defies perfection has just become a reality.

Precision engineered & high performance build

With an advanced building process, Vivid sets up a new extraordinary short building time. Our buildings are manufactured within a closed environment aside of all weather sesitive  issues.

Every stage of the construction is highly supervised becouse you have to receive exactly what you deserve.


Why? Because we know. We know the hassle. We know what it's like to stumble upon: "it can't be done" or "it's going to take another 2 years". Most homes, put to the test of time, disappoint both on an esthetic and endurance level, instead of evolving and adapting to your needs.

So. We took a deep breath, and by our partners' side and their mind-blowing services and products, we stepped into the future; where ideal homes are no longer myth, but reality.

Because we know what the future holds.

And not due to any supernatural powers, but simply because we are witnessing the world reinventing itself every day.

And after years of experience and study, we can say, with complete certainty, that the "world" of living spaces was also revolutionized.

Because we are the first ones to find out anything about everything.

Every day, technology, fashion, design and everything surrounding us is evolving at an astounding pace. And making sure nothing eludes us is a must.

Thus, we are constantly changing and always coming up with something new. We believe in fluidity, evolution, modernity with tast.

Because intelligence is not just about IQ.

For us intelligence means agility, flexibility and ease in adapting to the needs of our customers.

The ability to anticipate and go side by side with everything that says innovation and novelty are also key elements that contribute to building a better future in a smarter wa.

Because elegance is not just about looks.

Over time, we've learnt that elegance in not just about beauty and splendor.

It is about finding the ideal ratio between distinction and simplicity. And to us, every square meter built is thought out based on this ratio.

The end result?

In Vivid homes, you feel pampered, comfortable and in a permanent state of "in seventh heaven."

Because we are building a better future.

The overall view we have on the current market, gives us the freedom to continuously improve and bring out new things to the table.

We are changing both the traditional construction norms and the general perception of what a perfect home really means.

Because you can truly rely on us... in every sense of the word.

Stability is definitely one of our strong suits. When it comes to technology, we offer the top notch novelties on the market and we work with partners who can vouch for that.

Innovation wise, we research and update every day. At an executional level, everything is done to the dot. We don't do half-measures and this can be seen both in the quality of our products and in the way we evolve along with you.

Because we love to do things that you love.

Everything we do is personal, every project is seen through with passion, dedication and with you by our side every step of the way; for the end result to be one that you really love.

We believe in things designed to last a lifetime so you can get attached to them without thinking twice.

Thus, you will always be pleasantly surprised and enthusiastic about what YOU OWN.

Because being strong is not just a physical trait.

They say information is power. And we all know that nowadays it truly is. That's why we firmly believe in what we do: the best engineers, architects, designers, consultants and the sheer amount of knowledge we earned in years of experience, guarantee that what is done "by our hand" is utterly solid and long-lasting.